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Fan Report – Dream Concert 2010 [full Eng]

Sorry first, saking banyaknya, jadi terpaksa aku sharing tetap dgn bhs.Inggris yah~

Jadi seorang fans menulis sebuah berita singkat ttg Dream Concert yg diadakan kemarin tgl.22 Mei 2010. Jadi fans tsb menulis penjelasan singkat ttg lagu2 para atist yg melakukan performance & kejadian penting yg berangsung di DC kemarin. Buat penasaran kira2 artis kesayangan kalian kemarin perform apa aja, langsung aja baca SPOILER dibawah ini. Tapi yg takut mengurangi kenyamanan pas nonton performance nya, sebaiknya jangan dibaca ^^

Ini dia~~


I made why way to the WORLD CUP STADIUM quite easily and although noticing that it was pretty busy, I was surprised that there weren’t more fans. I got to the stadium a little ahead of schedule and made my way to the exit. Now, I had started to rain ever so slightly before I left the apartment and it had started to rain a little harder now that I was here. I bought a rain jacket thing and made my way to the top where the lines were.

MC – Heechul – ?? – Taecyeon

This is where I got my first surprise because my ticket said STANDING SEAT but apparently that doesn’t mean standing on the ground like I thought it did, but rather the standard seats with the fans. I was slightly disappointed, but I quickly got over it when I realised that my seat was under cover and in not too bad a position with the SNSD fans.


I sat down and waited for the concert to begin. Some smaller acts came on to perform while we waited for the official start time and while I didn’t know most of them, I certainly knew 4MEN, and let me say that they were incredible. Their vocals were something else and I am definitely going to check them out. The crowd went crazy for them and the stadium wasn’t even full.


ZE:A were doing the pre-concert MCing and picking the winner of their special event.


The concert officially opened with U-KISS in all black, singing 뭐라고 and 만만하니. The crowd were very supportive and it was a great way to kick off the concert.


RAINBOW were up next with Gossip Girl and although they only got one song, the crowd knew it and they performed it very well. Songs like that always do well at concerts because of the way the crowd can sing along. They did leave the stage without an introduction though which was unexpected.


F.Cuz performed a remixed medley of Jiggy and No One. The crowd around me liked Jiggy and sang along, but it quietened down when they switched to No One. No introduction for them either.


I was happy to see ZE:A perform 하루종일 because it’s easily my favorite song and they did it very well. I think it was a slight remix, or perhaps just a concert version, but either way, I liked it a lot. f(x) stepped it up a notch with NU ABO which I had never listened to all the way through before. I have to say that I did enjoy it live and the crowd went crazy for AMBER, especially from the SM ENT. section of the stadium. What surprised me most was that a number of the guys around me shouted when she rapped too. The introduced themselves and then sang another song that I didn’t recognise. I was hoping for Chu~.


MBLAQ performed Y and I liked it. I liked it a lot. I was surprised to hear it sounding so good as I didn’t think that kind of song would translate so well. Everyone around me was liking it and when JOON decided to lift his shirt, had the stadium had a roof, it would have been blown off. The boy next to me laughed with his friend that his chest was the only reason they were popular. I don’t agree, but I did laugh.


CNBLUE started with the rock remix of Loner and then into what might have been their new song. I haven’t actually listened to it yet, but I definitely will now. Crowd loved it and the girls next to me couldn’t stop talking about WE GOT MARRIED, for obvious reasons.


At this point B2ST’s stage was the best with a slow remix of SHOCK, followed by Mystery with the Bad Girl dance break thrown in. Definitely the noisiest the crowd had been until the point and all fans were joining in. The red suits they were wearing threw me off a little, but they definitely stood out amongst all the black, white and grey.


The SM ENT. fans got another taste when SHINee performed Ring Ding Dong and 누난 너무 예뻐. I thought the guys might have been quieter during this performance, but the group in front of me were giving it their all and enjoying themselves immensely. Understandably, the female fans were jumping up and down with glee. I was cool.


SS501 surprised me the most this evening because I didn’t initially realise it was them. When they started singing, it was a song that I hadn’t heard before and when I looked at the screen, I could hardly see them because they were wearing all black, but even when I did catch a glimpse, it didn’t look like anyone I knew. I actually thought ZE:A had come out for a second showing. The crowds were so so loud and I can’t believe that they still have so much support after being so slow to release. It wasn’t just their own fans that were screaming either, but every single fan from around the stadium. They sang two ballads, neither of which I recognised and then left the stage. I should say though that it was the best I had ever heard them sing.


RAIN came out next and the crowd just kept cheering. He may not promote a lot, but when he does, the fans come and they show their support. I don’t know what it was he sang because I don’t really listen to his music, but whatever it was, he brought it and then slowed it down with a ballad. Every time he wiggled his body or touched his crotch, another section of fangirls feinted.

I should using this section to quickly talk about the MCs for the evening.Taec was pretty funny and kept failing at his singing pieces, while Heechul was his usual self and really owned the stage. They did mini skits throughout the show and sang bits of songs. They even danced a few times. I can’t explain every occurrence, but I will say that Taec dancing to 2 Different Tears made me laugh. Heechul did make a lot of shoutouts to the CASSIES which surprised me, but I guess it shouldn’t have.


T-ARA did their World Cup Song and then killed me by performing Bo Peep Bo Peep in red cheerleader outfits. Their fans were a small section on the other side, but when the performance was over, they released all their yellow balloons into the air which was a nice touch. I laughed at the boys on my left that weren’t even singing along, but rather just shouting how much they loved them.


4minute came out and there were a lot of people on the stage, as well as the B2ST boys. There was a lengthy gap before the intro started again and then the girls finally came out. I don’t know what happened, but the rabble of people just walked off and I assume their presence was there to mimic the vibe of the teaser. The best thing about the entire performance was Hyuna’s hair. It stood out like nothing else and she looked electric as she pranced around the stage. They sang their new song, then a little of Hot Issue and MUZIK. The crowd took a little while to warm up to their new song, but as soon as the older ones came on, the crowd was on fire.

After School

AFTER SCHOOL came out next and despite what I thought were nasty looking black and white stripe costumes, they performed one of the sexiest stages of the night. BECKAH and GAHEE really know how to hype up a crowd and the drum beat of Bang! really added to the power. They followed it with Diva which saw the crowd get louder yet again. Loved it.


KARA stomped out in shimmery uniforms and performed Lupin, followed by an older song. I [along with every other male in the stadium] was a little disappointed that their didn’t perform Mister.


2PM were up next and were a man down because of Junsu’s injury I suppose. It didn’t really cause any problems and meant that we got to see some pushing and shoving as part of the performance from Taec and Khun. I should add that Khun got the single loudest cheers of the night for a single performer. It’s like he has some special power. The chants for PARK JAYBOM were pretty loud and started near where I was sitting. The boys behind and to the right of me started shouting it out and all of a sudden, it was everywhere. As far as I was aware, all fan clubs were chanting it.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls stole the stage with 2 Different Tears followed by a medley of Tell Me, So hot and Nobody. I was in shock that they performed the old songs again and the boys in my section jumped up when So Hot came on. They looked great on stage and sounded pretty good too.


As soon as the performance ended, the Soshi fans stood up and just when we thought they weren’t coming out, the appeared and performed Run Devil Run and Oh!. The girls looked incredible despite their simple black uniforms. Massive SM ENT. support and because I was seated in the SNSD section, it was the loudest around me. Boys everywhere shouting to their favorite member and singing along badly. It was great.

Lee Hyori – Super Junior

At this point, I had been holding back a headache for around an hour and the loud music wasn’t helping me. I wanted to stay for Hyori and Super Junior, but when the section around me emptied and the boy next to me turned as motioned for me to leave because of the trains, I decided that I’d miss the traffic and get home early to write this very report. I also decided that I would get something to eat because I hadn’t eaten since I left the apartment and so I got out my wallet, then promptly dropped it and walked off. I don’t know exactly where I dropped it, but it was just after I got on the train that I realised. I panicked, then decided the only thing I could do was to get off the train and go back to look for it. As I was waiting for the train back the other way, I got a phone call from my bank saying that someone had found my card and that they were waiting for me at the station. I was so relieved and after initially thinking that the bank was the person who had found my wallet, I phoned the girl. My next surprise was that she was fluent in English! She said that she and her husband were heading to home and that we could meet them at their station. Of course I wanted my wallet back, but if they had stayed where they were for five minutes, I wouldn’t have had to trek all the way across Seoul to meet them, then all the way back again. I also wouldn’t have had to grab a taxi in the pouring rain. All that said, I did get it back and it could have been so much worse. I’m deeply thankful that they found it and that they phoned the bank.


Well, bagian akhirnya agak kurang penting, but it’s OK ^^

So, gimana pendapat kamu ? Menurutku sih baru baca aja sudah dapat feel kerennya, apa lagi ntar pas nonton ^^ hohoho~ Oh ya, DC ini akan ditayangkan secara official oleh Inkigayo minggu depan. Jadi minggu depan nggak ada music show Inkigayo tapi diganti DC 2010. Di youtube sendiri belum ada yg official, tapi fancam banyak. Buat yg nggak tahan krn penasaran, boleh lah intip2 dikit lewat fancamnya ^^ hehe~

Bonus :

SMTown LOVE photo

Foto tsb diupload Leeteuk SUJU di twitter nya. Sayangnya no BoA, TVXQ & CSJH The Grace TT_TT hiks~~

credit : aa-chan.net
shared by : Fianhyde @ fb + Koreanhighlight

  1. 23 May 2010 at 10:46 PM

    Q smpt bca2 fanaccount laenx, bLang kLo mrka dksih kode2 n sLh stu kodex tu mnyuruh mrk prgi,,
    n kode tu dksh thu ktika suju mw mLai perfm 😦
    bnr g tu y?

    N q pnsran cp yg mmuLai triakan “Park jaebum”?
    Dngr2 cih d bbrp hottest yg keseL gr2 tu,,, pdhl sbnrx mrk mw triak 2PM eh mLah Park Jaebum he,,he,,

  2. 24 May 2010 at 6:18 AM

    @missdreWG ? oh ya ? wah~~ krng tau saia~
    masa sih ?

    wihii~ yg pasti nya yg neriakin gtu adlh fans yg uda rindu banget ama jaebum~

  3. 24 May 2010 at 2:25 PM

    Q jg kuRng yakin cih 😦
    tp mdh2an j tu g bnR
    q bcax d 2OD n fans account dr pr hottest + klarifikasi dr B2uty,, ,,

    *tp g thu jg kLo q sLh ngetranslateinx

    yupz, psti bnyk bgt yg kangen m Jay ^^
    trmsuk aq! ^^

  4. 24 May 2010 at 7:25 PM

    wohoho~ tpi kemungkinan jaebum untuk balik 2PM sdh amat sangat kecil. yah syukuri aja dehyg telah terjadi saat ini Jaebum jg spertinya lbh tenang disana~~

  5. angga ryuki
    24 May 2010 at 8:03 PM

    disana tulisannya afterschool tapi ko cowo yah???

  6. 25 May 2010 at 7:29 AM

    @angga : apa nya yg cwo ? ga ngerti~ -_-;

  7. NADIA
    27 May 2010 at 2:36 AM

    HAPPY B’DAY 2 U…

  8. 28 October 2010 at 4:48 AM

    my friend always sell concert tickets at a heavily discounted price, it is nice to have a friend like that”.’

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  2. 23 May 2010 at 9:42 PM

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