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Wew, ktemu berita yg cukup mengejutkan dari TVXQ a.k.a DBSK a.k.a TOHOSHINKI. Ada apa lagi kah dgn mereka ???

Sebuah media Jepang memberikan pernyataan bahwa group populer TVXQ yg sedang menghentikan aktivitas domestik mengingat permasalahannya dgn SM akan melaksanakan konser pembubaran mereka musim panas ini !!!!!!

What the heck ???????

Sport Nippon merilis informasi ini pertama kali dgn mengatakan bahwa member TVXQ dgn kedua pihak yakni Korea (SM) & Jepang (AVEX) sedang menyiapkan untuk pembubaran mereka !

Berdasarkan koran, SM Ent & AVEX dtng untuk menyetujui menyelesaikan isu ini tapi dgn sebuah pernyataan bahwa hal tsb tak dapat dielakkan, sudah pasti akan terjadi (bubarnya). Selain itu, berita tsb juga mengabarkan bahwa mereka sedang memperbaiki jadwal untuk dapat melaksanakan farewell concert yg bakal dilaksanakan di Korea & Jepang bulan Juni ini.

Bagaimana pendapat dari TVXQ ? Cukup bertentangan, bahkan Junsu-Jaejoong-Yoochun sama sekali tidak tahu akan hal ini ! Begini kata mereka :

“We’ve never heard about this farewell concert. At the moment, nothing has been set and both side are still trying to come to an agreement.”

Oh my Gosh, apa yg sebenarnya terjadi ?????? Huff, nggak ngerti dah aq T.T Semoga aja ini nggak benar2 terjadi. Oke, bubar, mereka pasti akan bubar suatu hari nanti. Tapi bukan sekang . . . . ToT

Sementara itu kita tahu bahwa TVXQ bakal merilis single Jepang ke-29 mereka yg berjudul BREAK OUT! tgl.27 Januari mendatang & merilis 1st Best Album tgl.17 Febuari mendatang, apakah mungkin mereka benar2 akan bubar ?

(aduh, bingung aq mo bilang apa lagi ToT)

Berikut bbrp UFO replies dari 5 member TVXQ. Sengaja gag aq translate . . . .


[Fan] Oppa is mine.
[Jaejoong] You’re mine.

[Fan] I’m sleepy~ I think I’ll go to sleep if oppas sang me a lullaby!
[Jaejoong] Sleep well~ My baby~~ In the front lawn and matdongsan (korean chips)~

[Fan] Joongie come out!!! Where are you Jaejoong~
[Jaejoong] Jaejoongie here!!

[Fan] Jaejoong oppa and Junsu oppa shave your armpits right? >_
[Jaejoong] Actually I wanted it to grow so I tried shaving it… But it doesn’t grow… T_T

[Fan] Oppa, want to spend a passionate night with me?
[Jaejoong] Oppa already promised Yunho!!

[Fan] If you don’t send me a reply, I’m gona go to DaeGu concert naked.
[Jaejoong] I’ll be expecting ^^.
[Fan] I asked you to hold my hand if we meet at DaeGu Concert.
[Jaejoong] Okay our cutie~

[Fan] Kim Jae Joong’s Kimchi Jjigae! I want to eat the kimchi jjigae Jaejoong oppa made!!
[Jaejoong] Just buy the ingredients and come ^^ I’m confident (in making the kimchi jjigae)^^

[Fan] JaeJae!!! What’s the secret to your beauty?
[Jaejoong] Only washing my face with water~~~

[Fan] Jaejoong-oppa! Yunho-oppa said he’d play with me! When we play I should tell him to bring one of his mirrors
[Jaejoong] –+ Humph! Fine have fun (*dryly*)! If I ever catch that husband…

[Fan] Jaejoong-oppa why do you like Changmin-oppa?
[Jaejoong] Because he’s pretty. Although he hasn’t been listening to me lately…

[Fan] Jaejoong-ah whenever I see you, I don’t know why I cry. Sing to me forever.
[Jaejoong] Because I want to thank you always, I sing..^^

[Fan] If you reply, I will meet you at the bar naked…
[Jaejoong] Wo~ I’ll see you there~

[Fan] Dating! Dating! Dating! You two are really dating aren’t you?
[Jaejoong] Dating… ah~ I can’t say.
[Jaejoong] Oppa has already made a date with Yunho-yah~!!

[Fan] Oppa, how about a hot night with me?
[Jaejoong] Oppa has already promised with Yunho!!

[Fan] Usually, you don’t reply to younger ones? I can drink soju!
[Jaejoong] Go drink! But I already replied ^^!

[Fan] It’s Chinese class time right now~ My Chinese teacher also knows DBSK.
[Jaejoong] O… I know that Chinese teacher too!
[Fan] O~ Jaejoong-oppa knows my Chinese teacher?? How do you know??
[Jaejoong] That person wearing glasses!

[Fan] huu… It looks like Yunho-oppa’s timing and mine don’t match.
[Jaejoong] That’s right your timing doesn’t match! That’s why you’re getting a reply from me instead!!!

[Fan] I have to loose weight. Today I ran 10 laps. Jaejoong’s waist is 22″
[Jaejoong] Don’t over exert yourself! Oppa’s waist is 23.59″

[Fan] Receiving oppa’s reply is my wish, even if it’s just once.
[Jaejoong] Haha~~ I’ve replied~~

[Fan] I really want to go to Asia Music Festival. Please convince my mother!
[Jaejoong] Mother, please give your daughter to me! Please, mother!!

[Fan] I’ve really seen a UFO before.
[Jaejoong] Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke (laughing)


[Fan] Hi Yunho-yah who I want to call oppa. Let’s get married.
[Yunho] Okay, get married with oppa(me) ^^

[Fan] Ho please reply
[Yunho] Since when was my name Ho… keke

[Fan] Oppa I’m 20 years old. I sent a text asking you to cheer me on since I’ve decided to work hard…
[Yunho] I was busy, but I saw it now. Your picture is cute. Study hard pretty girl ^^

[Fan] I sent you a text yesterday because I had a test and I wanted you to cheer me on with ‘Fighting’ just once….
[Yunho] I’m expecting that you get the grade I’m thinking of~V*^ _ ^*V Fighting pretty girl~!

[Fan] Oppa its snowing outside~! Its only sprinkling but I feel so happy~~ I couldn’t see because I was in class..T^T Is it snowing in Japan?
[Yunho] WOW~!! Snow…I’m so envious. I wanna see snow. I hope this year will be a ‘White Christmas’…

[Fan] Oppa how about a relationship ? I’m serious…
[Yunho] En, serious? Ok hahaha

[Fan] Yunho-oppa, sorry, can’t stay beside you…
[Yunho] Aiya, don’t think like this, our relationships is very tough.

[Fan] Cassopiea won’t worry right, because already promise that you won’t fall sick again right?
[Yunho] En, already promise.

[Fan] I am knitting mufflers, in the cold freezing winter wearing my mufflers will be very warm, how is that Oppa, do you want one?
[Yunho] If you are giving me one, than thanks, hehe.

[Fan] If there really is UFO, I will ride on and kidnap all our 5 beauties, how is that, okay right?
[Yunho] hehehe, if so…just kidnap, how about next time!!! So…how are you going to kidnap?

[Fan] Oppa, I’m angry now~! If you reply as a boyfriend, then I’ll be better.
[Yunho] Our beloved is angry? Loving ah~

[Fan] Yunho oppa, I really want your clothes. How about it? Can’t I have it?
[Yunho] What clothes????????

[Fan] If Yunho-oppa gives me a reply, I would go to Namshan and cheer hurray
for U-know Yunho! I’m this anxious~~~~
[Yunho] It’s okay if you don’t do that ^^

[Fan] Noodles, Nuguri is also yummy, but Snack myun is yummy too. Try it later.
[Yunho] Nuguri is good too but…no matter what you say, ramen is Shin ramen and Ahnsungtangmyun
(myun literally means noodles, but I think they’re talking about brands of ramen here.)

[Fan] Oppa!!! Play with me!!
[Yunho] Ok~ Let’s play! What should we play?

[Fan] がんばってください^^ (ganbatte kudasai^^/Please do your best ^^)
[Yunho] It’s Japanese!! Ganbarimasu^^ (I’ll do my best^^)

[Fan] I love you (she wrote romanji) I love you (in korean) this is what I can only say.
[Yunho] Those are said when two separate, but we won’t break up.

[Fan] This is a secret but…I really like Dongbangshinki’s U-Know Yunho.
[Yunho] This is a secret but…Thank you and I will try to never let you regret that you like me. ^-^

[Fan] Oppa! I did something regretful! I bought a purse but now I have to sell it back for half price! Crying~
[Yunho] Do not cry ah~ ^-^ Such a beautiful face, don’t stain it with tears! Fighting~

[Fan] I’m Ho Yu (might be referring to Yunchun?) oppa’s only daughter! I’m very greedy ~~
[Yunho] Faints! My daughter is not Seon Jae but Ji Yul. Ah~~

[Fan] If you reply me, I would run one around the whole condo, shouting “U-know Yunho, I love you!”
[Yunho] Go shout! Remember to shout loudly! Haha~~

[Fan] Emotional oppa~ please give me a reply~
[Yunho] Good night!!

[Fan] Charasmatic, handsome, kind Yunchun~~~ I can’t bear to see you get married, how~ Can’t bear to give you to someone else ~
[Yunho] Hahahaha!! I still want to be together with Cassiopeia now.

[Fan] Why am I only able to leave a message after all of them have been answered~~ ah.. going to die~
[Yunho] Hwaiting!

[Fan] I must get a scholarship this year, to give back to my parents. If you want anything, tell me, I’ll buy everything for you!!
[Yunho] Ah~ You must get that scholarship!! Hwaiting ~

[Fan] When was this photo from? So cute~ ^^
[Yunho] When was this?? I think its 1, 2 years ago~~

[Fan] Yunho-oppa who’s full of Jung Ban Hap charisma, give me a reply~~ Be more passionate~~
[Yunho] You’re called Ji Hyul~ So many~~ How many daughters do I have exactly??

[Fan] Yunho oppa~ be everyone’s lover~ ^^ My astigmatism has increased, I think its because I’m only looking at oppa~ This is a big matter~
[Yunho] Hahaha! Looking at such a ordinary guy like me…My mood is good~ ^^

[Fan] Oppa, love me a little more. Or how about I love oppa a little more?
[Yunho] Even if I give you love, it cannot be compared to the love the fans give me.

[Fan] ^ _ ^ Don’t push your self too much
[Yunho] That’s who I am.

[Fan] Oppa, I’m very angry at the moment. If you reply as if you are my boyfriend then I will feel better…
[Yunho] Is our darling angry? Ah-ingg (I’m guessing He’s being cute? :S)

[Fan] Yesterday, I asked if you can say “hwaiting” for my test….
[Yunho] Oppa’s predictions for your good scores, I will look forward to it~ V*^ ^*V Lee-bbun-ee (basically means Pretty) Hwaiting!

[Fan] Kids…can you really see this? I am one of your big sisters. I will meet you at the Shanghai concert? (Ok the kids part might sound kind of wrong but I couldn’t find a better word….maybe children? lol)
[Yunho] OK. We will meet you then~!!

[Fan] Yunho-oppa, I watched line up, if you were to say to me “Come to oppa’s place” then that would be good~~
[Yunho] Thank you^_^ kkk wait for me~!!

[Fan] I hope I dream about you guys tonight^^ I hope you guys sleep well tonight and have a good rest. Dong Bang Shin Ki hwaiting!
[Yunho] Thank you Goodnight, hope you have a good dream~!!


[Fan] Changmin-ah~~ (fan meeting title) I didn’t get anything~~~ no postcards~~no special gifts…. NOTHING.. I’m so sad
[Changmin] You’re sooo unlucky.

[Fan] Changmin-oppa Rising Sun!!!! I’m not gonna sleep until you send me a reply! T_T I’m gonna see the sunrise!
[Changmin] Go to sleep!

[Fan] Changmin-oppa, do you know what the fastest chicken is?
[Changmin] I don’t know…If I study, would I know?

[Fan] Changmin-ah my grades are not even funny, there’s no A.
[Changmin] I’m going crazy.

[Fan] It’s finals week and it’s really hard and crazy for me so I sent one (text)…
[Changmin] Have confidence!! ^^.

[Fan] It’s finals week and I can’t concentrate on studying T_T. Please reply once, cheering me on so I can do well! ^^
[Changmin] If you don’t do well I might be disappointed in Cassiopeia. ^^ Ahja!! Fighting!! ^^

[Fan] You eat on an average of 6 meals a day and you lived 7,073 days. So 42,438 meals?
[Changmin] If you have time to calculate that, go study ^^

[Fan] Changmin-ah stop getting worked up over fan’s studies and text me some sweet message. K? ^^^^^^”
[Changmin] I’m not getting worked up;;

[Fan] Do you like Gop Chang (Korean food) or do you like me?!?!?!
[Changmin] I like myself…

[Fan] Oppa, how is the air in Pusan?^^*~ I wanted to say this from before…don’t ever trim your armpit hair.
[Changmin] O;;K;; Thanks for worrying;;;;

[Fan] Reply!!
[Changmin] How dare you use a commanding tone!! Keke

[Fan] Changmin-oppa! How many times have I blinked my eyes so far?
[Changmin] What is the temperature that I’m feeling right now?

[Fan] Changmin~ If the other members call you old-looking, come tell nuna~ I’ll scold them!!
[Changmin] I look young so it’s okay ^^.

[Fan] Changmin-ah, do you possibly eat poop too?
[Changmin] What^^?

[Fan] I’m not going to be a fan anymore, it’s oppas’ fault for not replying…From now on I’m going to be a stalker!
[Changmin] I’ll say this in a nice way, come back to being a fan.
[Fan] If oppa teaches me how to dance I’ll think about it.
[Changmin] Just be a stalker.
[Fan] Ok, I’ll be a stalker. Look behind you.
[Changmin] A refrigerator is behind me
[Fan] Liar, I’m there.
[Changmin] Are you the refrigerator or Junsu-hyung?

[Fan] I really love oppa a lot. Oppa has to stay healthy. Hurry and come back to Korea. I really love oppa a lot, really a lot!
[Changmin] Errr……..

[Fan] Do I have to look like ANYBAND?
[Changmin] ^^ Some special moment show out your most handsome feel (uhh. I can’t find the word to represent it) but don’t let others misunderstanding than is fine ^^ fighting!

[Fan] You don’t reply, I will do card boards go for BIG BANG.
[Fan] Really don’t reply me(?), so tomorrow BIG BANG coming near my home area I am going to see them.
[Changmin] Go early and back early ^^

[Fan] Just for one day I want to be your kitten~ Oh babayy~[ Hug Lyrics ] Will you take care of me?
[Changmin] I’mma sell you….

[Fan] We voted Best of Best very hardly, but the results is not that good, so sorry. Don’t get see ya, must stay healthy.
[Changmin] You don’t have to apologize at all ^^ moreover we thank to all of you for the support ^^

[Fan] In the whole wide world the smiles from you all is the best (actually this fans said the prettiest/most handsome)! Just see you smiles, the mood just getting better (uhh…something like that?), continue smile like this.
[Changmin] Will smile more in the future ^^.

[Fan] I went the concert~ singing skills is better than last time, being a DBSK fans is really a happy thing, hehe.
[Changmin] When people praises me that my singing skills getting better, I am really happy, thanks ^^

[Fan] Changmin-oppa, my friend said that it’s really tough to be my friend~ But I really like this friend! I should hang on to this friend, right?
[Changmin] Of course~~

[Fan] I know oppa’s secret~~~ but I didn’t reveal it!! Hurry and say you love me.
[Changmin] Reveal the secret then.

[Fan] Oppa let’s go to the public bath, I’ll scrub your back refreshingly~~!!
[Changmin] Then you’re a guy?? You’re calling hyung, oppa??

[Fan] I am oppa’s fan. (Male fan)
[Changmin] Lord ah~ Lord ah~

[Fan] Jagi-ya (It’s like a nickname = Baby, Honey, Sweety, etc) what are you doing?
[Changmin] Among the members, there’s a member with the name of Jagi??

[Fan] it’s raining man~ (typed it in English) If there are raining Changmin’s in the sky, nuna will be so happy~
[Changmin] Isn’t it scary?

[Fan] Darling, what are you doing?
[Changmin] We don’t have a member named ‘darling’.

[Fan] Shim Changmin! You are too much! I’ve added spices!
[Changmin] I’m not that easy to pick on!!!

[Fan] (Picture of Changmin) Have you seen this man?
[Changmin] No I haven’t.
[Fan] He is my husband, how can you have not seen him?
[Changmin] I haven’t, and this man isn’t married yet.

[Fan] Shall we make a baby? [Messages were written in English]
[Changmin] No comment.

[Fan] DONG BANG!!! The reason of my existence!!!! SHIN KI!!! TVXQ is my life!!!
[CM] GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!! The reason of my existence!!!! GIRL!!! Girl is my life!!! You may know.

[Fan] Oppa~~ You hungry?? You didn’t even sleep yet.
[Changmin] I am happily eating bananas.

[Fan] Foodking changmin’s first kiss is still there right? mine’s too!! believe me?
[Changmin] “mine’s”, I am not an object (he’s basically saying his 1st kiss is not a object).

[Fan] Chang-ah~~ you’re my life~~ reply me!!!
[Changmin] What am I suppose to say when I reply.

[Fan] Shim Changmin.
[Changmin] What do you want/yes?

[Fan] Realistic 0% ~~ are you real person??? Can u breathe?@!?!
[Changmin] I am 100% real and alive…but I am not perfect (since he’s not replying, she thought he wasn’t the real thing)

[Fan] This year’s award show was kinda empty (meaning empty of Cassiopedia). I will fly to Japan by the end of this year
[Changmin] Plane tickets are very expensive.

[Fan] chang! I’m a ÉÙÅ®~~ 19yrs old~~
[Changmin] 19 and ÉÙÅ®… it doesn’t really match (ÉÙÅ®= little girl)

[Fan] Changmin-oppa!! Marrry me!! I have the confidence to make your life easier.
[Changmin] I don’t have confidence

[Fan] Ho, JJ, Yoochun, Su, Min, good night. Even if you don’t like us, we should still meet in our dreams.
[Changmin] Whether or not you’re having a dream, come on over.

[Fan] At this time, I’m unable to sleep so I’m sitting here doing nothing. What’s oppa doing?
[Changmin] It’s because I’m replying messages that I’m unable to sleep. Is our little cutie sleeping? If you are, I’ll be angry!!

[Fan] Oppa do you like girls who fart loudly and smell? Would you like girls with bad breath?
[Changmin] Would you like emissions of carbon dioxide? Nuclear weapons? (Okay, I don’t actually know what Changmin said XD But I’m going to interpret his response as something really intelligent. Wow, that makes me intelligent too, does it not?)

[Fan] I love all you big brothers! Hwaiting! You are the best!
[Changmin] We will work very hard ^^

[Fan] Changmin~when you scream, your adam’s apple is so sexy!
[Changmin] You have a weird personality^^;

[Fan] Do you like food or me?
[Changmin] I like me^^

[Fan] Don’t you think I’m nice??
[Changmin] How would I know?

[Fan] My hands and feet are freezing TT_TT Although I’m at home…Oppa please warm me up T_T
[Changmin] Go to a warm room~ If not put clothes inside to keep warm~

[Fan] I’m studying, suddenly thought of oppa, I hope oppa can wish me good luck! That way I can even get the first place.
[Changmin] Good luck~ Looking forward to the first place.

[Fan] Wah~ Changmin-oppa doesn’t hate me right?
[Changmin] Hate..hm…I’ve never seen you before so I can’t say anything^^ keke

[Fan] Go eat well and live well! (a phrase in Korean.. don’t really know how to explain) I’m sad because you won’t reply, so I’m gonna go drink! oppas make me a delinquent
[Changmin] Don’t say weird stuff like drinking and go sleep@^^

[Fan] Oppa please reply to me, even a dot…I’m rotting in the library…
[Changmin] It isn’t rotting, it’s developing…

[Fan] Shim Changmin you’re really gonna be like that? I drank 2 bottles of soju. My heart is breaking really.
[Changmin] Two bottles of soju means you’re pretty good at drinking^^

[Fan] Changmin-ah, I failed… ha.. What is D. If I get all A+ next time, will you pat my head??
[Changmin] Talk when you get an A.

[Fan] I look like Han Ga In.^^
[Changmin] It’s okay

[Fan] If you don’t reply me this time, I’m going to be a SJ fan TT everyday I hope to get a reply from you TT
[Fan] Sorry, I was just joking, I would never do that, to me DBSK is number 1.
[Changmin] Urh, scary!

[Fan] I want to be your warm bed for one day…
[Changmin] This kind of matter should not be decided by you!!

[Fan] Yah~ I got a confession from Changmin-oppa TT, thank you, I didn’t know oppa love me! TT
[Changmin] I’m sorry;; I think you are drunk. Hehe…

[Fan] I have exams next week, but I can’t focus, I’m going mad, what should I do TT?
[Changmin] You lost your focus?

[Fan] I want to be Jun Ji Hyun for one day. Can I?
[Changmin] No.

[Fan] What does ‘Honey’ mean? Kids, nuna is bored.
[Changmin] Bee.

[Fan] I miss you! I miss you! I really really really really miss you….I want to touch you
[Changmin] Pervert!!!!

[Fan] This is the first time I have observed an artist, the first time I have woken up from thinking about them so much that I want to cry. You’re the first person to have this effect on me.
[Changmin] Don’t cry, or your eyes will be puffy ^ __ ^

[Fan] I love all you big brothers! Hwaiting! You are the best!
[Changmin] We will work very hard ^^

[Fan] Oppa, how was oppa born???? How are babies born????
[Changmin] Go learn at the beautiful children’s program called sex ed. organized by the lady.
[Fan] Please teach me I want to hear it from oppa.
[Changmin] Be quiet!!!!
[Fan] I want to be (a part of) DBSK… just once…
[Changmin] You can’t. You’re Cassiopeia.

Fan] Changmin-oppa! The clothes you wore in the pic is the same as mine! This is a couple’s clothing! We’re a couple now.
[Changmin] I don’t want to (be a couple).

[Fan] Changmin-ah.. Nuna isn’t making you hurt or anything… reply to me… please?
[Changmin] (but) My hands hurt;

[Fan] Honestly, you like BigEast more than Ca-ah (Short for Cassiopeia) right?
[Changmin] You like your mom or your dad?

[Fan] Oppa, why do you like Cassiopeia?
[Changmin] Why do you like your mom?

[Fan] Ah I’m hungry…I think I’m going to die If I eat now, I will get fat, so I will hold back for now.
[Changmin] Want to die skinny or want to live by eating?

[Fan] Does oppa like a smart, but ugly girl. Stupid, but pretty girl, or do you like me??
[Changmin] I like my parents^^

[Fan] Yunho-oppa! If you don’t reply, you have to marry me.
[Changmin] I have saved Yunho-hyung’s life.

[Fan] My mom says that I’m prettier than Kim Tae Hee!
[Changmin] Parents think their child is the prettiest.

[Fan] Changmin-ah, you know that nuna drinks soju because of you? It’s raining, and I feel more depressed, I’m crying because of you. I sent over 400 messages and you don’t even reply.
[Changmin] Nuna. You have that much money? 400 messages!! Also you have a test tomorrow. Please study. Don’t cry because of me, you have a test tomorrow and are you supposed to be drinking right now?

[Fan] Changmin-ah, please send at least one message. If you don’t, nuna will cry. Just think of it as saving one’s life if you send a message
[Changmin] By doing this, I saved a person..^^

[Fan] Changmin-ah, I like you more than my boyfriend!! Sorry because I’m this kind of nuna–;; But I really do.
[Changmin] You can’t do that nuna~ ^^

[Fan] Oppa, you still watch videos.
[Changmin] Now I don’t watch those things.

[Fan] Oppwah you can’t reply one message?!?! yo? Am I cuter? yo? Or is Shya (I think she means Xiah) Oppwah cuter? yo? Reply gogo!
(She added the yo to make it sound more formal XD In Korean, adding a yo to the end of the sentences is more formal-like.)
[Changmin] Are you telling me to not reply or what..;;

[Fan] Will you please stop leaving us depressed, not replying to our messages? I’m being serious.
[Changmin] Just go to sleep.

[Fan] Oppa if I get first place for the top scores in school, let’s eat together one time. I’ll buy
[Changmin] Let’s talk about this when you get first place.

[Fan] (insert picture) Changmin-ah~ You want to go eat Gobchang with me? It looks good huh? T_T. I want to see you enjoy eating it.
[Changmin] Hm.

[Fan] Yunho-ya your nostrils are so pretty that I want to put my finger in there, give me permission^^
[Changmin] If you were him, would you give permission??;

[Fan] Yunho-oppa, have you ever thought your face was small? Poob Poob Poob (sounds)
[Changmin] Yunho-hyung’s head is really small…-.-

[Fan] It’s raining in Korea right now…You want to eat Gobchang and drink soju with nuna? [Changmin] If you eat with me, it will cost a lot.
[Fan] It’s fine, you know, nuna has a lot of money? Or you want to go jogging outside with me?
[Changmin] I thought you said it was raining, can you jog when it’s raining??

[Fan] Your eyes are gorgeous oppa.
[Changmin] How about my lips?

[Fan] Are the oppa-deul (plural for oppa) sleeping?
[Changmin] Uh (Yeah)~~~~~~

[Fan] You are thinking of Ca-ah (short for Cassiopeia) right? If you aren’t, never mind
[Changmin] I was getting ready though;;;;;;;;

[Fan] Reply please!
[Changmin] Replied.

[Fan] I woke up from my nap after a dream where oppa-deul abandoned me and went, I’m angry!
[Changmin] Judging from reality, there’s no point of caring..–;;

[Fan] Umma-yah!!!!!!!!!!Everyone, who are you?
[Changmin] Human…


[Fan] Kim Junsu Xiah Junsu Sha JjoonJjoo Junsha Shanim ChunSha(angel) I get happy just hearing your name. What do I do oppa^.^~~
[Junsu] Euhahah Thank you I’m shy/embarassed ..T_T.

[Fan] Oppa, I’m a twin too. We’re gonna get married to you and Joonho oppa!
[Junsu] Hahah;; I have to ask my brotherT_T hahaha..

[Fan] Junsu~ This noona will go to Busan to see you right away, so wait!
[Junsu] I’ll be waiting noonaJunsu!
[Fan] Can you do ‘Noona’s Su’ just one time ? T_T
[Junsu] Noona’s Su..^^

[Fan] Junsu oppa, tell me General McArthur’s InChun landing strategy again!
[Junsu] General McArthur is busy ^^.

[Fan] How can you get those thighs T_T Tell me the secrets T_T
[Junsu] I’m embarrassed;; Now, its thicker than that picture hehe.

[Fan:] Junsu Oppa, aren’t you charismatic because you want to?
[Junsu] No;; T_T

[Fan] Between Yoonho-oppa and Junsu-oppa, who’s in charge of the charisma~??? Eukyangkyang
[Junsu] For me, I have charisma where you can’t see………….

[Fan] Oppa, I keep on losing my hopes and dreams, and it scares me. Tell me we can meet when I accomplish my dream. I miss you.
[Junsu] Since your username is Xiahborg, Xiah is sending the reply hehe. Have confidence and fighting! Hehe

[Fan] Ue kyang kyang~~ I miss the sound of oppa’s laughter~ T0T
[JunSu] Ue kyang kyang kyang kyang!! ^^

[Fan] Please send me an oyaji gag♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
[Junsu] Kimi mo suki~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

[Fan] Hero Jaejoong fighting! U know Yunho fighting! Max Changmin fighting! Micky Yoochun fighting! DBSK fighting!
[Junsu] Don’t do this Xiah Junsu fighting!

[Fan] The world’s most handsome person! Use your handsome fingers to reply!
[Junsu] You’re calling me, right?

[Fan] If you reply me now, I’ll wear a bikini to your next concert. For real.
[Junsu] Really? See you then ^^

[Fan] Junsu-oppa! I think that you are so funny! You cute little oppa!
[Junsu] You cute little fan!


[Fan] Yoochun-ah…I want to see you on this rainy day…I want to share an umbrella with you and go to the gobchang street…When are you going to buy nuna gobchang (cattle’s small intestine, tis actually good)?
[Yoochun] Hm…Should I go out now? Where do you want to meet? ^^

[Fan] Hyungs! (what a guy calls an older guy) You guys are so cool and perfect~!!
[Yoochun] Hahaha ^^; Lets meet one time and have a yummy drink? ^^ We’re too perfect ~.

[Fan] Chunnie-oppa, my birthdays in a month…it’s still far away right?
[Yoochun] I have 339days til my birthday…^^

[Fan] Jaejoong-oppa! Is Kim Ji Yong from Big Bang good looking, or Yoochun-oppa good looking?
[Yoochun] Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Fan] 3 months left…until 2nd semester finals? If you saw this, send me a text as if we were couple!! I’m gonna get mad!!
[Yoochun] I’m gonna kidnap you pretty girl!! It’s late so go to sleep princess^^ Let’s meet each other in our dreams~

[Fan] Should we go out? Haha
[Yoochun] Haha^^ How about…we get married? keke

[Fan] Yoochun oppa~~ Its raining outside~~~ keke. Do you like the rain??
[Yoochun] Of course~ I love the rain^^ Now go to sleep~!!^^ This oppa is going to sleep too^^ Good night

[Fan] Yoochun-oppa! Have you defecated? What’s the color of Oppa’s “faeces”?
[Yoochun] It is rainbow coloured ^^

[Fan] I am a genius to be writing this: oppa is stupid!!
[Yoochun] The recipient of this message is stupid!!

[Fan] Please cook.
[Yoochun] For who to eat?

[Fan] I knew I loved you before I met you. I think I dreamed you into life. (She translates it in Korean here)
[Yoochun] I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life. (He translates it in Korean here)
[**Don’t you just love this song! Yoochun showing his American’s knowledge**]

[Fan] At this time, I’m unable to sleep so I’m sitting here doing nothing. What’s oppa doing?
[Yoochun] It’s because I’m replying messages that I’m unable to sleep. Is our little cutie sleeping? If you are, I’ll be angry!!

Semoga sedikit menghibur dgn membaca UFO replies yah . . . . hm, Changmin paling rajin ngebales . .

source : [heraldm]
translation : jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia

shared by: KoreanHightlight

  1. 3 January 2010 at 7:01 AM

    Aishhhh !!!!
    Apa lagi ini !!! x(
    Kemaren ako udah seneng kalo mereka bakalan ngeluarin album baru, berarti masalah ini bakalan selesai dengan damai tapi kok …..
    aduuhh … SM ngalah dikit napa ?? *emosi neh mian*

  2. 3 January 2010 at 7:51 AM

    loh… belum selesai iaa masalah na ma mbah SM.. aduhh

  3. Brian Junsu
    3 January 2010 at 8:50 AM

    @rinie : bbrp kbr sblmna blng klo 3 member dbsk uda kluar dr sm. tpi gag ada membahas klo mrk kluar dr avex jepang jg T.T iy. makin runyam ni mslhnya . . .

  4. 3 January 2010 at 9:18 AM

    bebey is not cassie anymore. udah cape dengerin berita nya. tambah lama tambah runyam, apalagi brita mau bubar ini. buad dbsk, hwaiting aja deh (:

  5. hikmawari
    3 January 2010 at 12:02 PM

    aish~ bubar? mungkin iya. tapi kayaknya nggak kayak gini deh caranya..
    tapi bukannya mereka udah minta SEMUA CASSIOPEIA DAN BIGEAST untuk ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH?? and I’ll always keep the faith eternally..

    mungkin cassiopeia dan bigeast akan kehilangan DBSK suatu saat nanti dengan cara yang sewajarnya, bukan dengan cara seperti ini. tapi DBSK gag akan kehilangan cassiopeia dan bigeast..HOPE TO THE END! FOREVER FIVE.. forever dong bang shin ki..!

    huhuhuhu 😦 artikel ini bikin aku mau ngeluarin air mataa 😥

  6. 3 January 2010 at 3:59 PM

    @hikmawari: bner…
    ga’ mungkind juga mereka bkal truz berlima…
    krena mreka pasti akand mnikah n berkeluarga…
    tpi bukand sekarang n kayak gini caranya…
    speechless aq…
    for me,, no dbsk,, no k-pop….
    aq suka k-pop hanya karena dbsk…
    suka suju, shinee, 2pm, dll juga krena dbsk…
    aq ga’ tw apah yg bkal aq lakuin klo mereka emank bkal bubar skarang…
    yg jelas,, aq bkal cuman bsa nangis…T_T

  7. hikmawari
    3 January 2010 at 4:36 PM

    @ ruu : menurutku, itu cuma pemberitaan media sana yang terlalu lebay. kalo aku, aku cuma bakal percaya kalo kata “bubar” itu keluar dari mulut mereka sendiri. toh, dari artikel diatas, mereka sendiri aja nggak tau tentang “farewell concert”. hmm~ media sana terlalu ngambil untung dari issu issu kayak gini. ckckck..

  8. 3 January 2010 at 4:53 PM

    Mati gue!!!!! hikmah!! kita nangis bersama…hue hue……Tapi gak yakin deh~~ gak mungkin….LEBAY!

    UFO replies nya uri Min-min emang selalu aneh ya balesannya?

    Aih…ada cowok yg ngirimin uri chun!

  9. hikmawari
    3 January 2010 at 5:26 PM

    @ nhajes : NO !! pemberitaan ini kayaknya belom bener deh. udah lah! percaya sama kata kata mereka ajaaaa.. lagipula, kan mereka bilang mereka ga tau soal farewell concert inii..

    tentang balesan UFO mereka, haha 😀 aku geli ah bacanya. apalagi yang jeje. ckckck~

  10. febri susanti cassiopeia
    7 January 2010 at 3:04 PM

    apa lagi yang mau d buat oleh AVEX dan SME…..apa tidak cukup dng memisahkan mereka berlima sekarang mau membuat kabar yang tidak menyenangkan dan menyedihkan klo tvxq mau bubarrrrrrrrrrrr…….
    i hate SME……

  11. 8 January 2010 at 7:55 PM

    I can believe it at all…!! > <
    and aku gak mo percaya ma berita ini…!!
    klo pun seandainya SM masih ga mo ngalah jg mending mereka pindah agency aja ato bikin label sendiri
    itu mnrtq sich…. drpd berantem trus kyk gini…?

  12. luphowixz
    16 January 2010 at 5:09 PM

    huaaa…dbsk jangan bubar dongs gw yang bukan anak cassie dukung banged mereke tetep keq duluu lagii..hehehe..FIGHTING !!! SM kejiii bangeeeeed !!!!

  13. Widya cassiopeia
    31 March 2010 at 2:28 PM

    SM emang ktu kupred gak ad hati………
    bakar aj ampe hangus SM tanpa sisa……..
    kembalikan DBSK yg seperti dulu………

  14. yoyo_VQA
    2 May 2010 at 2:03 AM

    oppa changmin mblesx judes amt ea…tp lucu dh….lha oppa hero mala mau2 aja….dasar

  15. suholic suho-ppa fans ^^
    15 April 2013 at 1:48 PM

    tambah laper liat ufo reply bhs inggris =_= tp makasi min. Tetep dukung jaejoong taruh di awal lg :p

  1. 13 January 2010 at 2:28 PM

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