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a letter from CUBE Ent’s CEO + BEAST @ Rookie Award + MTV B2ST Documentary [eng sub]

Oke, postingan ini berisi full ttg CUBE Entertainment ^^

Bru aja aq nemu sebuah surat dri CEO nya CUBE Entertainment. Bacalah !

We wish for the fans’ health and happiness in this season where the winter is about to strike with its heavy wind. Cube leads the industry as the trendsetter and has an infinitely beating heart and limitless passion. Our heartbeat is echoing beyond Korea and into the world.

We are happy that we shared our first moment, that adrenaline rushing moment, with our fans. The footsteps of fame continuing from 4minute’s successful debut is showing the world about our fans’ love to the world. BEAST recently had its debut stage and received our fans’ support. Your cheers fuel them to perform on the stage.

4minute and BEAST are the happiest when they sing and dance on the stage. I wish that I could keep them happy for as long as I can. Just like a diamond which becomes stronger through ages of pressure, I think that they have given the opportunity to shine because they have endured such long time of hardship. The BEAST members have experienced a lot for their young age but they have not given up and trained themselves even harder to become what they are today. 4minute have shown forbearance unexpected from their age and because of their hard work they shine like they do now.

4minute and BEAST have worked together as a family and have shared a lot of advice and been inspirations for each other. Watching them help each other makes me proud. When the fans of 4minute and BEAST cheer for each others’ group it brings great synergy. When the fans cheer for not only their favorite group but other groups of Cube, it gives us a lot of strength and motivation.

The groups not only help each other but they are similar to each other in a sense that they practice continuously into the early mornings. They know the meaning of being on the stage better than anyone else because they have been through so much, and that must be why they try so hard. Cube will support them as best as we could and will not betray support of our fans. We will help them spread the wings of their dreams. We will pay attention to every single comment by our fans and work hard with our ears wide open.

Jadi surat dari CEO CUBE Entertainment yg tak lain adlh Hong Seung Sung ini telah beredar saat foto BEAST-4Minute di bawah ini beredar di internet.

Nah, foto di atas sudah pernah aq share ke kalian kan ??? brarti aq telat banget ksi surat dri COE nya CUBE ini -_-; Mianhe~

Yah, jadi setidaknya kita bisa tau bahwa CEO CUBE (sepertinya) nggak akan sekejam CEO SM . . . rite ? Thx for Hong Seung Sung yg sudah ‘melahirkan’ & ‘merawat’ 2 band kesayanganku ^^


Lalu, baru2 ini BEAST meraih penghargaan di Rookie Music Award untuk bulan Desember.

Ini dia video fancamnya :

upload by : B2STalert

Dan berikut foto2nya !






Chukae buat BEAST ! Hope you can be the best ! ^^

Sebenarnya aq mau masukin ini ke postinganku yg All About Beast, tpi gag jadi ah, yg All About Beast ntu untuk pre-debut mreka aja deh. hehe~ So, yg pengen aq share ke kalian adlh MTV B2ST Documentary yg uda di sub (english) ! Total sampai saat ini uda ada 10an episode, tapi yg baru di sub ada 3 episode. Let’s check it out ^^

Episode 1 part.1-3

Episode 2 part.1-3

Episode 3 part.1-3

al upload by : b2stlysubs

Oke deh, buat yg blm donlot tpi ngefans sma BEAST, ayo di donlot. aq jamin kalian bakal makin suka mreka ^^ Wah, gag sabar nunggu ep.4 yg di sub nih~

credit : kpoprants + b2strising

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  1. delymaxs
    4 December 2009 at 6:32 PM

    horeeeee all b2st……….
    bener kata brian *sksd* kayaknya Hong Seung Sung orangnya baek dan nggak terlalu menjadikan artis kayak budak yang bisa di atur sesuka hati….

    cukhae b2st yang menang Rookie Music Award untuk bulan Desember….
    kebukti B2ST itu emang best banget…..
    katanya best mo nyanyi mistery di inkigayo ya??
    padahal berharap pengenya nyanyi lagu yet atau oasis…

    wah,kayaknya seru tuch….
    nonton dulu ah….

  2. 4 December 2009 at 6:39 PM

    @ delymaxs ; wah, bgitukah ??? yes, aq uda ngarep mreka perform mystery ^^
    klo oasis n yet sih bagus, cuman syng, aq liat klo lagu yg upbeat, krng diminati, jdi klo mystery, pasti dance nya jg bnyk dong~ baguuuuusssss~

  3. top fans no.1
    5 December 2009 at 2:22 PM

    kayaknya cube keren nih.. (mulai melirik).

  4. Karin
    5 December 2009 at 3:32 PM

    cube hwaiting yah ! 2-2nya karin suka. thanks sudah sharing eng sub nya kak ^^ download ah..

  5. delymaxs
    5 December 2009 at 5:20 PM

    @brian : begitulah. hehehhehehe ^_^
    kayaknya sich emang lagu beat paling diminati disana *sotoynya diriku*….

    baru nonton eps 1….
    rambut yeoseob masih jamur hahahahahaha
    lucu ^_^
    itu waktu aj masih solo karir ya???

  6. 5 December 2009 at 5:32 PM

    @ delymaxs : iy. hm, intronya sih pas aj masih solo karir. tpi cuman opening bbrp menit. bis tu langsung ke pokok permasalahan, awalnya beast tanpa dongwoon, tpi akhirnya dongwoon dipilih sbg member terakhir.

    @ top fans no.1 : iy dong ^^

    @ karin : sma2 . .

  7. maiia
    6 December 2009 at 6:05 AM

    beast bikin acara sama kayak mblaq art of seduction yah..
    donlot ah..

  8. 6 December 2009 at 8:59 AM

    Oh ia doojoon tuh yg d hot blood brg nak2 oneday yah?
    Kok dia bs d cube skrg? Btw nak2 beast yg d di2k ma jyp sapa aj?

  9. 7 December 2009 at 7:02 AM

    @ tatsuki : yups, doojoon itu dlu maunya debut bareng oneday, tpi entah krn alasan apa, gag jadi. Nah, krn JYP dgn CUBE ntu sister company, jdi mungkin dy ‘dibuang’ gtu . . hehe~ pdhl dy punya kemampuan . . . hm~ tpi aq bersyukur dy bareng BEAST. hm, setauku sih Dongwoon, dy uda jdi trainer JYP sejak kecil. btw, klo mau tau ttg BEAST lbh jauh, bisa klik tag BEAST di blog ini, ada bbrp brita predebut ttg mreka yg pernah kita share. hehe~

  10. jangphiajunsu
    7 December 2009 at 9:37 AM

    duh chukae buat B2st~~
    belakangan jd ikut2an kena ‘virusnya’ mreka nihh…kkkk
    *mgkn ntar phia juga jd beauty*

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