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All About ASF 2009

Dan ini berita kedua dari aq untuk hari ini. Hm . . butuh waktu 1 jam lebih untuk buat postingan ini T.T Habisnya modem masih agak lemot. Maaf yah . . . Hehe . . Oke, langsung aja.

ASF Poster

6th Asian Song Festifal akhirnya diselenggarakan juga pd tgl.19 September 2009 pukul 6 sore waktu Korea selatan di Seoul World Cup Stadium kemarin. Artis2 yg perform sudah berusaha semaksimal mereka untuk menampilkan kualitas perform mereka yg terbaik di acara bergengsi tersebut. Setelah beberapa kali mengalami konfirmasi untuk artis2 yg bakal perform, akhirnya artis2 di bawah ini lah yg jadi perform di sana, ada :

1. Korea : SUJU, SNSD, Big Bang, 2NE1 (Best New Asian Artist)
2. Japan : Gackt, Mihimaru GT, V6 (Special Guest)
3. Taiwan : Alan Luo
4. Hong Kong : Leon Lai, Eken Cheng
5. Thailand : K-Otic
6. Vietnam : Ho Ngoc Ha
7. Indonesia : Agnes Monica
8. Ukraine : Ruslana (Special Award)
9. China : Chirs Lee

Sebelumnya, mari kita melihat press conference yg dilaksanakan pada tgl.18 September 2009 pujul 5 sore waktu Korea Selatan di Grand Hilton Hotel Seoul Seodaemun Hongeun yuk !

Berikut foto2 mereka di podium.










Mihimaru GT

asf_mihimaru gt2

Alan Luo

asf_alan luo2

Agnes Monica


Ekin Cheng

asf_ekin cheng2

Ho Ngoc Ha

asf_ho ngoc ha2



Dan berikut beberapa video saat press conference nya.

upload by : ygsecret21

upload by : ygsecret21

upload by : galio9071988

upload by : minminalways

Selebihnya bisa cari do youtube yah ^^

Dan ini iklan ASF yg akhir2 ini disiarkan di TV Korea sono . .

upload by : blastoop

Cukup banyak artis yg absen saat press conference ini. Sungguh disayangkan . . . Yah, itu juga bukan krn mau nya mereka. Tapi krn ada beberapa masalah yg harus diselesaikan. Seperti Kangin, V6, Chirs Lee, dll.  Gag pa pa deh . . Asal pas perform, mreka ada . . . hehe . .

Lalu . . inilah puncaknya . . . Huff, aq bener2 iri sama Agnes Monica . . . Bisa 1 panggung sama 2Ne1, BigBang, SUJU, SNSD, V6, dll . . . Yah, nasib . . nasib . . . Oke, berikut beberapa perform dan kegiatan selama ASF berlangsung. Sebagian besar yg ada di youtube adlh fancam T.T


upload by : SmoothyEco1st

upload by : KpopGirlGroups02

Super Junior

upload by : Sujuthrusts

upload by : kahboon

Big Bang

upload by : taijizero1

upload by : choi871104


upload by : ygsecret21

upload by : taijizero1

Untuk artis lain, bisa cari di youtube yah ^^


Seperti biasa . . Namanya juga di negara sendiri, jadi 4 perwakilan Korea lah yg paling banyak mendapat sorak sorai dari para fans (baca : SONE, ELF, VIP & BLACKJACK). Hehe . . Selain itu, rupanya perwakilan Jepang juga ikut mendominasi.

Acara nya sukses . . . Setidaknya nggak ada kabar buruk ttg acara ini (semoga).

Oke deh. Sekian postinganku. Semoga aja dgn acara ini, slogan “Asia is One” bisa terwujud perlahan tapi pasti . . .

Amin . . .

Bonus :

2 Couple in ASF


Agnes – Sungmin

Btw, mreka pake bhs.apa ya ? Inggris ? korea ? atau Indonesia ? hehe . .


Donghae – Jessica

Wah, Donghae megang2 Jessica terus nih ye . . ehem ehem . .

Hehehe . . peace ^^ (buat ELF, pa lgi fansnya Sungmin & Donghae, jangan marah yah . . hehe)

credit : minsarang + newsen + youtube

Pop stars from Asia gathered once again in Seoul for the 6th Asia Song Festival (ASF) Saturday evening, but Korean pop groups stole the spotlight.

Fans of K-pop groups Big Bang, Super Junior, Girls Generation and 2NE1, Japanese stars Gackt and V6, and other Asian artists flocked to Seoul World Cup Stadium to see their favorite stars for free, though attendance seemed to be less than in previous years.

The annual music festival, organized by the Korea Foundation for Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), is touted as an opportunity for cultural exchange and cooperation among Asian countries.

However, the festival line-up was dominated by Korean and Japanese artists. There were four Korean groups and three Japanese groups invited to the festival, compared to one representative each from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The music festival kicked off with performances by Taiwanese singer Show Luo and rising girl group 2NE1. 2NE1, who received the ASF New Artist Award, quickly got the crowd on their feet with their hits “Fire” and “I Don’t Care.”

At a press conference Friday, 2NE1 leader CL said the group was very happy to have gained fans across Asia, even though they only debuted a few months ago. “We enjoy music and as a group, we always say, ‘Let’s go out there and play our music.’ That’s how we do it,” she said.

Boy band K-Otic incorporated elements of traditional Thai music and culture in their performance. Chinese pop singer Chris Lee, who won the Super Girl singing contest in 2005, sang some of her catchy tunes on stage.

Popular Japanese pop group V6 charmed their fans when they sang and danced to three songs, including their latest single “Guilty.” It was the six member group’s second appearance at the festival.

“We hope to see you again at our concerts in November,” the group’s Junichi Okada told the crowd.

Festival organizers also gave a special award to Ukrainian singer Ruslana, who is also a politician, for her efforts to bridge the cultural gap between Korea and Ukraine. Wearing a shredded green outfit, the sultry singer showed off the vocal chops that won her the Eurovision Song Competition in 2004.

Gackt, a former vocalist of Malice Mizer and one of the pioneers of the visual kei movement in Japan, gave one of the most explosive performances of the night. Gackt rocked the festival with his powerful voice, hard-hitting rock tunes, exciting visuals and special effects.

While they graciously applauded lesser known Asian acts, the crowd reserved its loudest cheers for K-pop’s most popular groups. Girls’ Generation had everyone on their feet with catchy songs “Gee” and “Genie.”

Boy band Super Junior performed two of their hit songs to the delight of their fans. However, Kang In, who was involved in a bar brawl recently, was noticeably absent.

Big Bang was perhaps the most anticipated act of the night. Many fans had been missing the pop group, whose members have been concentrating on promotions in Japan as well as solo projects in Korea. There were only four members for the performance, as Dae-sung was recuperating from a recent car accident. The group performed three songs, including last year’s hit, “Lies.”

The festival ended with a surprise encore featuring members of Super Junior and Girls’ Generation.

Amid a downturn in the music industry in the region, the Asia Song Festival was aimed at creating an environment in which Asia can be grown as a single music market, under the slogan “Asia is One.”

One improvement at this year’s festival was the introduction of a charity component, in cooperation with SBS Hope TV Popcorn. Fans could send text messages, which were posted on the big screens, for 2,000 won. The funds will go to seven non-government Korean organizations, including Good Neighbors, Save the Children and World Vision.

  1. 4 December 2010 at 1:20 PM

    Agnes monica is the best compared to all the artists who appear on the asian song festival

    • Jean
      25 November 2014 at 8:30 PM

      Your Grammar is terrible. Please go back to school young buddy.

  2. Cheetah
    13 March 2011 at 12:45 PM

    semoga 2 insan yang beragama sama,berkwarganegaraan berbeda dan berjenis kelamin berbeda alias agmon ama umin menikah!!!

  3. Cheetah
    13 March 2011 at 12:50 PM

    *dilemparin pake’telor busuk bisa bisa*

  4. Cheetah
    13 March 2011 at 12:51 PM

    tambahin ya!!!
    ama E.L.F

  5. nayaka xiangfu
    8 April 2011 at 8:44 AM

    kak Nez MO mmng hebat dy mmng layak wkl indo c0z predikat diva muda indonesia sdh mnjadi bukti

  6. 6 April 2012 at 7:48 PM

    wah kk agnes boleh tuh pedekate sma kk sungmin suju

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